Information Service:


Conduct of Examination

Examination Centres shall be in the following cities subject to the availability of viable number of candidates.

# Center City Center Code
1 Agra 01
2 Allahabad 02
3 Bareilly 03
4 Chandigarh 04
5 Dehradun 05
6 Ghaziabad 06
7 Bhopal 07
8 Jaipur 08
9 Kanpur 09
10 Kolkata 10
11 Lucknow 11
12 Meerut 12
13 Jammu 13
14 New Delhi 14
15 Patna 15
16 Ranchi 16
17 Varanasi 17
  • Candidates will be allotted pre-defined examination centres for appearing in UPCMET-2016 as mentioned by them in the application form. However, the UPUMCWA reserves the right to change the examination centre due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • No application/request for the change of centre will be entertained.
  • The examination schedule will remain unaltered even if the date decided is declared as a public holiday.
  • Use of calculator, log table, digital diary, cell phone or any mode of communication is strictly prohibited during the examination.
  • Candidates will have to be biometrically verified at the entrance of examination premises. Therefore, all the candidates must report to the allotted examination centre at 8:00 am sharp
  • No candidate will be allowed to go outside the examination premises till the completion of all sessions of the examination.
  • All the candidates must take their seats 15 minutes before the commencement of examination & fill up all the relevant information. For this no extra time will be given.
  • Parents/Guardians/accompanying person will not be allowed to enter in the examination premises.
  • Seal of question paper should be broken only after the announcement by the invigilators.